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Darlene​ Dicke RMT  and  OR Elaine Urwin RMT

  Reflex-Massage Foot Care

Take a load off and relax in a custom reclining chair in a spa setting.  This session will address the reflex points on the feet, you will experience a custom aromatic blend, hot towels, reflexology tools and massage techniques.  Your feet will feel enlivened, affecting the overall well being and boosting the body's immune system while relaxing the mind.  Your skin will enjoy the nourishing butters softening the effects of our cold winter stress to the skin.

Session 50 mins for the value price $90.00 book your appointment with Darlene Dicke RMT  or Elaine Urwin RMT

 Gift certificates available

 Restorative Head Massage​

You will lean back in a reclining chair cozy, warm and relaxed for this session.  This treatment is super for those who carry tension in upper body, suffer from headaches & love a great head massage.  The massage techniques are inspired from India with chosen nourishing oils that will leave your hair soft, shining and your scalp invigorated.  You will feel the tension leave and balance restored.  The neck and shoulders will release tension under the hot stones and the luxurious oils and hot towels.   

Book your session with Darlene Dicke RMT 

SESSION IS :  50mins value  $90.00 

 Therapeutic Stone Massage.

Relax in the beautiful spa studio atmosphere.  You will enjoy the warmth of the massage table,  heated basalt stones providing a deep heat releasing the cold and tension of the muscles.  The marble stones provide a coolness that invigorates the skin and reduces inflammation.  This session will work with massage techniques that work with the stones.  The custom aromatic oils will support, stimulate, and release tension.  Experience  this wonderful session with Darlene Dicke RMT 

SESSION IS :  70 min for $125.00 reg $135.00

Cupping massage session

This session will address the points on the body, using an ancient alternative technique.  The use of the cups on the skin creates a suction which helps increase blood flow, myofascial release, treats inflammation and relieves pain.  Custom remedy will determine the use of  flexible or stationary style of cups. This allows for a full body treatment and is customized for your level of tolerance.  We use therapeutic carrier oil  to facilitate the placement of the cups.  Enhancing the experience includes a soothing  aromatic oil blend.   Please note there can be marks left from the cupping which will disappear after 2-7 days or longer depending on the individual.    

This alternative therapeutic option is provided by either 

Darlene Dicke RMT or Elaine Urwin RMT

Session 50 mins for value price of $95.00 

Book with either of us today.  Gift certificates available.

 Body Exfoliation Massage

This session is valuable for those who love to take care of your skin.  This stimulating exfoliation massage invigorates the skin and body with increased circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system helping to restore balance to the overall flow of the body.  The massage techniques will incorporate a custom aromatic blend of chosen oils with sugar or salt to stimulate, and refresh the body.  The soothing hot towels release the tension, leaving you with healthy fresh skin for the spring into the summer.  Awaken your skin today.  Session provided by Darlene Dicke RMT

Session is 50 mins for value price of $95.00  

Uplifting Face Massage Care

This massage session will address the points on the face, using an ancient alternative technique.  The gentle use of the flex cups, and reflexology tools help to create an increased blood flow, enlivening the skin.  The treatment is customized for your skin type with a custom aromatic blend and mister that will enhance your relaxation durning this session.  Your face will feel renewed and glow with a fresh colour.  This session also incorporates the neck and shoulder area with hot stones & towels.  

OOH LA LA watch the stress leave the body.

Session 50 mins for value price $100.00 Book with Darlene Dicke RMT


This session is valuable for those who love to take care of their skin.  This soothing nourishing massage restores the skin and body with healing natural lotions and oils.  The Massage techniques will incorporate a custom aromatic blend of chosen oils both gentle and refreshing for the body.  The penetrating heat of the hot towels release the muscle tension, leaving you with a relaxed and renewed soft skin for the summer's sun. Protect your skin from the sun kisses.  

Session is 50mins for  value price $95.00 book with Darlene Dicke RMT


Thai massage combines acupressure, stretching and movement to relieve tension in muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion and increase overall energy.   Comfy clothes are worn for the session and no lotions or oils are used.  Contact Elaine Urwin RMT  780 853 3605 for this session.

Session 50 mins for value price of $90.00  


This session will access reflex points that stimulate healing and circulation in  corresponding areas of the body.  You will enjoy this treatment in a very soothing comfortable atmosphere.  

Book with Elaine Urwin RMT @ 780 853 3605

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