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Aromatherapy works

November 10/20

What is the big deal about these little bottles of scents?  They are the essence of the aromatic plant.  Just inhaling their fragrance enhances relaxation, stimulates our senses, cause the mind to recall memories just from a familiar smell that takes you back in time.  In massage therapy these essential oils are blended together to create results like relaxation, rest, muscle ease, calmness and so much more. The chemical components carry a scientific reason for this influence to the body mind and soul. The experience when enjoyed by merging an aromatherapy blend and massage are memorable.  Learning to blend these essential oils and carrier oils can be life changing.  

Stay tuned for workshop options coming in 2023

Far Infrared sauna 


This technology has wonderful health and wellness benefits.  Darlene uses this to start your session to ease the muscles and warm the body for a more effective massage session.  Time varies depending on the length of your session.  This sauna can be used on it's own for a 20-30 min session or 10-15 with the massage session.  Inquire about the cost.  Very effective for lymphatic issues, old injuries, and circulation issues.  

Custom aromatherapy Remedies

Darlene is a certified Aromatherapist trained in 2003.  Her experience and knowledge lends to creating effective custom remedies.  Inquire about how this service may be of value to your conditions and health challenges.  

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