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Therapeutic Massage Services

We provide direct billing for most insurance claims.  Payment for our services:  cash,  cheque  &  e-transfer.   

Session prices include GST

Foot Reflexology

This session works with a focus to the zones on the foot that relate to the full body.  The techniques and tools create a sequence of pressure points that improve health and wellness. This reflexology technique is great to address areas of the body that may be injured or acute so can not be massage directly to the area.

 To book this type of session contact Darlene Dicke RMT

50 min- $95.00

Dar's therapeutic massage

My therapeutic massage reflects the information and assessment that is recorded in your confidential file.  As a certified Aromatherapist I incorporate a custom aromatherapy blend that targets muscle tension, stress, and inflammation.  My style of massage has an effective firm touch influenced by reflexology, Swedish relaxation & trigger point release. I feel strongly in the connective full body  treatment building in a relaxing atmosphere along side moist heat and hot stones enhancing the total experience.   

50 min  - 95.00

60 min - $105.00

75 min - $120.00

90 min - $130.00

105 min - $140.00

Elaine's therapeutic massage

I will base your session on information from our intake discussion and assessment.  I provide a tailored therapeutic session which will focus on promoting healing, pain relief, rejuvenation and relaxation.  To achieve this I use a whole body approach and relevant tools such as moist heat, cupping, hot stones, blading and techniques such as compression, acupressure, stripping, reflexology, joint mobility, myofascial release and stretching.  A comfortable, relaxing setting with custom blended essential oils enhances the treatment.  I look forward to working with you to achieve and maintain physical well being.

50 min-$95.00

60 min - $105.00

75 min -$120.00

90 min- $130.00

Pregnancy Massage

This session provides great care for you & your baby.  We use side line positioning with supportive bolsters & pillows for comfort.  Our training ensures safe & effective techniques that relieve muscle tension and reduces inflammation.  To enhance the session appropriate essential and carrier oils can be used.  

50 min - $95.00

60 min - $105.00

For this specialty session


Elaine Urwin RMT @ 780-853-3605 

Darlene Dicke RMT @ 780-853-0888

Manual lymphatic drainage massage

This session lightens and stimulates the lymphatic zones on the body to open and release the fluid retention that builds in the body.  This gentle touch uses a sequence of massage strokes to reduce inflammation and stimulates flow of the lymphatic fluid.  This session is very effective for a stressed health system, after surgeries and perhaps where one has limited ability to get the needed exercise.  

90 min - $140.00

105 min - $160.00

Basalt & marble stone massage

This massage session works with the Basalt stones  known to retain heat.  These smooth stones are heated and used to massage the body and will penetrate deep into the muscle for ensured relaxation and release of tension.  The marble stones invigorate and stimulate the circulation with their coolness.  Using the combo of hot basalt and cold  marble will diffuse swelling and encourage nourishing & healing of the body's tissues.   

For these  specialty sessions book with 

Darlene Dicke RMT

90 min - $150.00

Thai Massage

Thai massage offers you a different type of massage treatment which can be received on a floor mat or on the massage table. The client wears comfy stretchy clothes for the session and there are no oils used.  The treatment involves compressions to stimulate the body's energy lines and a flowing sequence of facilitated stretching and compressions that increase mobility and reduce muscle tension.  A relaxing and energizing treatment. 


40 min - 75.00

60 min - $95.00

Thai Hand Reflexology

Thai hand reflexology offers you a whole body treatment by just working on your hands and arms. While relaxing on the massage table with heat, relaxing music and aromatherapy, I will focus massage techniques and pressure to specific points on your hands and forearms. These points induce well being in corresponding areas of your body.

40min - $65.00

60min - $95.00

For these Thai sessions book with 

Elaine Urwin RMT

Call us now to Book an Appointment

Darlene Dicke RMT  780 853 0888         Elaine Urwin RMT   780 853 3605 

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