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The meaning of Synergy...noun 

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Darlene Dicke RMT owner of Daroma Spa Boutique 

Elaine Urwin RMT owner of Relief Massage and Wellness

Together we created a hub where we  both are working independently and in cooperation out of our Synergy Studio location in Vermilion AB.

The trusted place for massage therapy

The combined expertise and experience of 30 plus years provides you the client with an effective, therapeutic massage.  We, Darlene and Elaine, both believe in the power of essential oils used in a custom massage blend for  your session to enhance muscle relaxation and release.  As registered massage therapists affiliated with Natural Health Practitioners of Canada we recognize the importance and benefit of having qualified training ensuring the right pressure and techniques will suit you and your health concerns. We are dedicated to using professional and confidential file documentation.  We also  provide a sanitized space to ensure your health and wellness.



We are here to make your appointment the best experience possible.  We send out reminders of your appointments and updates that may  be of value.


We are dedicated to provide therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils for your massage session.  We pride ourselves in confidentiality and professional practices.


We adhere to the guidelines of the Natural Health Practioners of Canada. Please advise with as much notice as possible if you are unwell and to reschedule your appointment.


Our desire is to customize your massage session to provide the results you are seeking.  We continually update our techniques and practices to ensure we have appropriate solutions and options that best suit your health needs.

Meet Our Team

Darlene Dicke 


It is my passion  now and the past 18+ years to provide for my clients a high standard of professional care in the health and wellness field of expertise.  "There is great value in taking care of one's health so as to have a level of quality that will provide longevity for your mind, body & soul".  

My health Journey was laced with sickness, depression, pain everywhere in my body, A compromised immune system, unknown allergies and  stressful  years. 

This resulted in years of research, naturopath's, & doctor's,   I often found it to be very discouraging but the tenacity to find solutions has resulted a higher quality of health and wellness.  The journey has provided me with insights that have helped my clients.  Since I was very aware of stressful living i wanted to design a massage session that would incorporate the whole body experience for others.  A safe comfortable space to let go of the worries and the pain.

  In 2003, I graduated from Mount Royal College as a certified Aromatherapist.  Continuing my career adding  massage, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage massage and many alternative health certifications.  The use of hundreds of essential oils blended with carrier oils, lotions, bath salts etc.  has provided a strong sense of connective blending that I use in my practice  to enhance the experience and  provide solutions for my clients.  I also graduated in 2016 with my diploma Child and Youth Care worker from Vermilion Lakeland College this program equipped me with skills working with anxiety, trauma, and addiction.  Supportive education as a Certified Coach lends to round out my desire to provide solutions for the mind  body & soul  I look forward to meeting you one day either in a massage session or a educational class.  

Best Health Dar 



Relief Massage &  Wellness 

Elaine Urwin

Registered Massage Therapist

 I come from an agricultural background, spending many years in the purebred cattle industry. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary, majoring in Political Science, in 1987. Marriage brought me to Vermilion and after several years of being at home with four children I entered the workforce again. I also began some long distance running at this time and discovered the magic of massage therapy for injury recovery. My interest in alternative health solutions was piqued and  I was drawn to massage therapy training as it was offered locally through the Alberta Massage Training school.  I completed the 2200 hour program in 2008. Every year since, I have completed extra training through many workshops, courses and seminars. I also taught the massage therapy program for the Alberta Massage Training school for three years.  

Massage therapy has been a very rewarding and interesting industry and I am continually inspired to elevate my knowledge and abilities. 

The most rewarding part of being a therapist is seeing people benefit from massage therapy.  It is a source of natural treatment that will assist your body in healing an injury or illness, speed up recovery time and overall enhance your well being. Whether it be treating an acute or chronic injury or part of your journey in maintaining good health, I  am continually amazed at the results that massage therapy provides.  I am committed to continue training and learning so that I can offer a multitude of techniques and modalities that ensure the most effective therapy for your needs.

I am also excited to begin some workshops that will enable you to learn techniques that can be applied as self care or shared with friends and family. Stay tuned for more information!

Stay well, hope to see you soon. Elaine

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