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A Natural Approach to

Better Health

Knowledge. Experience.

Custom Therapeutic Massage Sessions.

Darlene Dicke RMT


Elaine Urwin RMT


Come experience the secret of relaxation while enjoying the results of a greater range of motion restored & muscle tension released!

Darlene Dicke RMT  and Elaine Urwin RMT have combined their expertise and experience at one location called THE SYNERGY STUDIO.

The name was derived from the definition of Synergy...

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Ready For Your Massage ?

Specialty Massage

Thai Massage 

Elaine Urwin works with a sequence of stretches and positions to release muscle tension and expand range of motion.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

 Darlene Dicke works with this gentle touch and sequence to open up the lymph ducts to stimulate fluid movement and help with puffy and sluggish health systems.


This massage session is done with pressure suitable for you and will  provide pain relief, increase range of motion and reduce tension.  A variety of techniques and tools are at hand to ensure the most effective and beneficial treatment for you.  

Pregnancy Massage

This massage session works the body on a side profile to allow comfort for mom to be.  Supportive pillows and safe techniques help to relieve strain and release muscle tension.


This technique works with sequences and pressures to target reflexology zones on the foot and hand. These zones correspond to specific areas of the body, inducing increased circulation, healing and well being. The whole body benefits from a focused hand or foot treatment. 

I Have not felt this relaxed in months...

frequent massage client

love the essential oils with my massage...

happy client

I have greater range of motion and had next to no pain during my massage...

grateful client who was in pain

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